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“Providing advanced

esthetics trainings you can’t

get anywhere else in the


The Esthetics District

An elite program setting the new standard

for esthetics education in Alaska.

The esthetics industry has boomed over the past decade. With brow, lash, skin and makeup trends going viral everyday, the need for talented estheticians has only increased. Unfortunately, in Alaska the high demands for elite esthetics was not being met. Businesses around Anchorage were struggling to find hire-ready estheticians out of school; something had to change.

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Skin care is the foundation of

esthetics. Students practice

massage and facial techniques

before treating their clients.

Enter The Esthetics District


The Esthetics District accompanies an above-standard skin care curriculum with one-on-one education to best prepare students for various careers in the esthetics industry. Unlike other institutions, District E includes education with supplemental speciality skills, such as threading, sugaring, chemical peels and the implementation of modern modalities.


We are raising the bar for esthetics education to produce Alaska’s most knowledgable and fabulous estheticians.


Join us!

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Sugaring instruction in Alaska! District E instructors

work with students on sugaring

instruction, an organic hair

removal technique.

The Real World Beauty Business


Students, in addition to advanced esthetics instruction, receive real world beauty business training. District E finds that expanding the student experience to include retail sales techniques, interview preparation, professionalism skills and learning other ins-and-outs of the beauty business to be invaluable. Preparing students to be as well rounded as possible sets them up for maximized success after graduation and licensure.


The lure of esthetics is different for each student, and generally changes and grows while in school. District E advisors and instructors help nurture whatever path the student takes to. Since the field is so vast - medical esthetics, a focus in make up, a spa environment, express service environments etc - the school helps students identify and further set them up for success in whatever esthetic endeavors they wish to pursue. Of course, no matter the chosen direction, the instructors also provide direct focus on exam and licensure preparation.


The Esthetics District is unarguably committed to student success and the most advanced program in Alaska. The program goes above and beyond expectations to best prepare students for the esthetics world. With advanced trainings and certifications under their beauty belt fresh out of school, the new estheticians are ready to dominate the industry! District E has set a new standard of esthetics education - something that was long over due.


With only four students per session, and six sessions per year, The Esthetics District welcomes all new applications. Student can apply online at The website is also a resource for more questions and offers contact with an advisor. Passionate and motivated students will have all the tools available to be a top notch, successful esthetician right out of school. So, if the esthetics industry has intrigued you, be sure to maximize your investment and apply at The Esthetics District to change your life, and the Alaskan esthetics industry.


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